The Story Continues…

Well, It’s been awhile. I have been just working and time has gone by. Jumping to 2018 now. For the last 2 years I have been gaining steady weight.  The pounds are just packing on.

So, this is still me…

Yup, I am now at 170. And I have muffin top. Ugh.

So…I have been having to take a thyroid test every 6 to 8 weeks. I am on Armour Thyroid dose of 105. 1st test says I am on the high end of the normal range. After talking to Dr. we determine with the symptoms, I should try to get to the lower end of normal range. Lowered the dose to 90. The next test 8 weeks later shows now I am higher than before. Now I am dangerously high.

Symptoms at that time, retaining water really bad. Poor sleep, and weight gain.

So we then drop it down to 60. 8 Weeks later, do another test, now dangerously LOW. What the heck. So now I am back up to the 90, which the last test showed I was dangerously high on that dose.

I am due for another test, will do that tomorrow. I feel it is getting higher again.

We shall see.

In the meantime, I was able to get into the endo Dr. again. She feels the thyroid and right side is bigger and now I have nodules.  Went for the ultra-sound.  The results are 3 nodules and the right side bigger. I have also noticed the feeling of choking is getting worse. Especially at night when laying down. Sometimes I have a sharp pain on the right side, close to the esophagus, and the pain has been around the esophagus more.

Tomorrow I have a Dr. appt with ENT to see about possible removal of the thyroid.

Looking forward to that. Will keep you posted on that.

On the good side, I have been helping my sister get her jewelry store and stuff up on the internet. Beautiful unique handmade stuff.  I can’t wait to be able to afford this cool stuff. Check it out here. Anyway, it is getting late, so off to bed.