Here we go…

Getting sick 🙁

Around 1998 I started to get sick. Actually I had symptoms several years earlier but they did not show enough for me to realize at the time what was really going on with my health.

My muscles started to get soft.  I was losing tone and definition. My heart started pounding at night when I was laying in bed.

But there was still work to be done, things to be taken care of.  I was a manager at a hair salon and I just kept going.

I was trying to work out but it was getting really hard to do.  I was getting short of breath.  I was gaining weight. I was not eating any more than I ever did normally but the weight kept going up and up. I had started at 125 lbs. and was a size 8.

Now my weight is 165 lbs and I am a size 12.

I don’t get it.

So I started the rounds of doctors.  I would go in and tell them something is wrong.  The doctor would talk to me for a minute and say ” as we age, thing don’t work as well, blah blah blah.”  I could not get the doctors to understand that I AM AN ATHLETE!!!!  I love working out. I can work out for hours!!!

Around that time my hands started shaking really bad. So then one doctor put me on an anti-anxiety medication.

Well that didn’t do much for me.  By now I was hardly working out because I was feeling so bad that I was almost passing out when I tried.  So I got bigger and more soft and mushy.

Obviously very sick I went to dr and dr.  I was also retaining water REALLY bad at this point. Gasping for air I couldn’t walk even 20 feet without needing to stop and rest. Again I made dr appts.  I went into the dr and told him how bad I felt and that “something is wrong”.  Dr. says you have “Congestive Heart FAILURE” I say what do we do about that. Dr gave me the great advise of we will just keep and eye on it.  I made a comment about my Swollen legs, and asked if I can take a diuretic. Oh NO don’t ever do that says he. I again say, something is wrong, I am trying to work out, and I am drinking lots of water like I am supposed to. Dr says ” that’s your problem right there” I say what? He says all superior ” you are drinking too much water”. It was immediately time for me to leave, so I got up and got dressed.   He says ” what are you  doing”? I answered ” I have to leave NOW”

Later in the evening (after urgent care was closed) I took myself to the HOSPITAL Emergency. As I hobble in, legs so swollen I could barely walk, gasping for air I went to the intake nurse. “please, can you help me” They get me right in and determine I am having heart failure do to water retention.  They gave me potassium and a diuretic. That night I lost 25 lbs of water out of my body.  I repeat, 25 lbs. of water in one night.  I could actually feel it leaving my brain.  Still they helped me immensely but naturally they don’t know the cause and get with your regular dr. for the follow up..  Which I did, again the drs. had no idea why this was happening.  Dr appt, heart dr appt. nothing is diagnosed but I as still so sick. Again at the regular dr for more follow up the dr says ” well your thyroid is still high”  That was a shock as I had never had “high thyroid” in my life. That got me to thinking and looking on the internet.  Yes, I looked on the internet and diagnosed my own illness.  I was “Hyperthyroid”.  What you say, how can that be as you where gaining weight and getting bigger and bigger. Yep, when a person is hyperthyroid for a long time something strange happens to their body, you go into accelerated aging, your body retains water, you don’t sleep at night but you are exhausted during the day. And you will start to gain weight and get Big.

One night about 11 pm as I was trying to sleep my heart started to beat faster and faster.  I took my pulse and it was 185 beats per minute.  I do not lie.  I called the nurse and she says “Don’t Move!!”  The next day I was into another dr.  Thank goodness I found this dr. She was a young fresh out of school dr that was willing to listen to me.   She agreed ” hyperthyroid and get to the specialist tomorrow.”

So at last I know what is wrong and the dr. gets my thyroid radiated etc.  Don’t worry he says just take this little radiation pill but you will be fine.  Oh and by the way, flush the toilet 3 times, don’t hold any children and several other stipulations.  Ha, I was sick for 1 year.  If there was a cold bug I got it, everything and everything twice. At least and last I know what was wrong and I can work on getting healed.

Still my muscle tone was so weak.  I was still mushy, where was my athletic body.  Gone, Gone Gone.