My Struggle continues…

Where I left off was I had the diagnosis (finally) had the radioactive iodine, on the synthetic thyroid meds. I also had accelerated aging so went through menopause.  Uuuuugggg.  So now I am struggling with menopause symptoms. ETC. No need to go into detail.. look them up if you want to know specifics.

The worst thing I notice now is my muscles are gone. It was always pretty easy for me to get muscle tone. ( My brother would always get so jealous, ha ha thanks Brian) but it was always just easy. Now it was not like I was starting at zero but in the negatives.  Mush is what I would call it.

So I am still working (as always, who is there to pay my bills? No,one) and  I am driving about 1 hour to work every day. About 2 hours total.

Let me talk about how I feel. Now this is a couple years after the radiation to kill the thyroid.  I don’t feel very well. I am still having to have the synthroid, levoxel etc. doses changed.

Oh, by the way…info about thyroid meds they may or may not tell you.