Skipping Years Ahead!

It is now the year 2015.   I have been now put on Armour Thyroid~!!! When I moved to the Tri-Cities area, (Richland, WA), I found out that on the synthroid I was very cold all the time, and when I was riding my bicycle on a hot desert 90 degree day, I found out something very important.

I DO NOT SWEAT NORMALLY….. This was really bad. I had to carry Gallons of water. Not to drink but to pour over myself to cool down.  Anyway luckily, I had found a Dr. and she put me on the Armour Thyroid.. It was a bitch to get to the correct dose, but with slight changes we finally made it.

Awesome, feeling better. Riding my bicycle. Riding the horse.  Feeling like a human again! A healthy Human!