story continues..

My Struggles

Hello again,

My story continues, where did I leave Off? Oh yes,I finally had the nice radioactive Iodine to kill the thyroid.  Then the Drs. will put you on “synthroid” or synthetic thyroid.  All the way through this I am still feeling weak.  Lack muscle tone, trying to get my shape back.

After telling the Dr. I still don’t feel good she does some more tests and guess what? Since I was so “hyper thyroid” for so long that put me into accelerated aging and goodie, I have now gone thru menopause.  Well that answered several more questions and now I “should or should not” depending on who you talk to, have hormone therapy.  To be hormonal imbalanced or not, that is the question.  So I did the replacement for awhile but then with all the breast cancer scare, they say I should stop.